Braden Carlisle


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Parties and events

Braden Carlisle has shows ranging from 30 minutes and up for children of all ages. Included with this is a special trick involving the guest of honor!

Extras can be included such as making the guest of honor appear, levitate, or disappear. I can also provide magic goody bags full of souvenirs for all guests of the party!

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Schools and Camps

Yes! Braden even has a show for schools, daycares, and camps! Whether you want a show full of entertainment to reward the children or you want a STEM or other educationally themed magic show, Braden can provide.

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Braden has been teaching magic across the country both one on one and for groups of children as large as 150!

Children can learn magic, juggling, and stagecraft across a one hour workshop or multiple days!

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