Braden Carlisle

PG-13 Magic

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Private events

Seeking a professional entertainer to perform strolling, a close-up or stand up shows for their next event or gathering? Seek no more! Braden Carlisle can provide magical entertainment.

But Braden is not only funny and magical - he is also flexible. He will be able to provide a variety of performance options that best meet the needs and theme of your event.

Braden Carlisle Private Event Magic
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Comedy Clubs and Theaters

Having performed at comedy clubs and theaters across the country, Braden knows how to present his magic and get the laughs. His show can play big or small, making it perfect for any size venue. Being no stranger to doing tricks for free drinks, Braden is more than happy to perform for a drinking audience.

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Corporate events and Tradeshows

Braden Carlisle can spice up any event. Whether you want to sell your product or connect your business strategy to entertainment, Braden has a show for you! He will work closely with you to develop a routine that places your product or corporate message in the spotlight, making sure that your audience will remember it and connect it with a great memory!

Braden Carlisle Amazing Magic
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Do you want to make sure your business card gets kept and remembered? Hand it out magically! Braden can teach you how to do that. From a simple production to an elaborate presentation for when you need to impress that CEO, Braden knows all the tricks to get the business cards to translate into phone calls.

Maybe you just want to spice up a meeting or impress an important business partner. Braden offers one on one classes or seminars for as many people as necessary. Inquire today!

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